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Favourite Songs of 2023

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The Last Dinner Party is a revelation. I don’t think I’ve picked three songs from the same group since Chvrches way back in 2013.

Many thanks to my love for introducing me to them and Lola Young.

The five members of The Last Dinner Party dressed for the Nothing Matters video
The Last Dinner Party - Nothing Matters
  1. The Last Dinner Party - Nothing Matters
  2. Benjamin Gibbard, Tom Howe - Frightening Fishes
  3. The Last Dinner Party - Sinner
  4. LP - One Like You
  5. The Last Dinner Party - My Lady of Mercy
  6. Spanish Love Songs - Haunted
  7. Gretel - Cry Me A River
  8. Olivia Rodrigo - vampire
  9. Lola Young - Conceited
  10. Miya Folick - Get Out of My House
  11. Nation of Language - Spare Me the Decision
  12. Middle Kids - Highlands
  13. Dora Jar - Puppet
  14. English Teacher - Nearly Daffodils
  15. Nice Biscuit - I Feel Love

I don’t often list covers but Donna Summer’s original I Feel Love is one of the first songs I remember blowing my little mind as a kid, and Nice Biscuit’s version updates the sound while keeping the vibe. A good chill-out track.

Also, congratulations to Triple J listeners for finally picking a Mitski song in the Hottest 100! It’s not your fault that you didn’t vote for the best song of 2016 back in the day, that’s on JJJ for not even playing it. Maybe they had too many Like A Versions to promote.

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