Mathew Inkson

Travis, mate! Bet365 has kicked me out!

June 18, 2017   |   Government, Sport

If you have an online gambling account that hasn’t been closed or severely restricted, the company believes you are a loser, and is treating you like a mug.

Update Sep 2022: Well, this pop-culture reference has dated pretty badly. As all good jokes are better when explained - Travis Fimmel is an actor who was on popular TV show Vikings. Online betting company Bet365 had him feature in wall-to-wall ads that everyone watching live sport in 2017 would have seen. The general idea of the ads was that we're all friends, part of this delightful betting community together. There, now you can enjoy the sarcasm as originally intended.

Travis, cobber! You told me that the final whistle is never the final whistle. That the turnstiles would never stop turning. That the cheering goes on forever. That we were part of something big.

Travis Fimmel’s image projected onto a stadium
Travis enjoying a nil-all draw between two failed states, probably.

But I’ve been shut out, Travis! What did I do wrong?

A message in the Bet365 mobile site
I need to charge my phone.

Could it be a mistake, Travis? Here is the complete list of bets I placed in my last six months:

A list of bets placed on Bet365
I did OK, but I'm no David Walsh.

I messaged Bet365 and had no response. I called them up but the service rep wouldn’t answer my questions:

“The only thing I can say is that your account was subjected to a full review, it was a management decision to place the restriction, and we can provide you with no further information.”

What does this mean, Travis? There’s a hint in the Bet365 terms and conditions:

4.2 bet365 reserves the right to close or suspend your account at any time and for any reason.

“Any reason” in this case seems to be that I won more money than I lost. Staking $380 over six months for a return of $1257 makes me an unacceptable punter.

Here’s what I reckon, Trav:

I’m not complaining, Travis. Bet365 had the right to cut me off, and I knew it - I’d heard the stories and wanted to see it for myself. The governments that grant licences under such terms ought to pull their bloody socks up, though. And the next time you’re projected onto a building would you let your fellow members know that they’re being treated like mugs?