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The Dvorak-QWERTY Layout for Windows

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This post is pretty much just to shill this tool, since I like it a lot: Dvorak-QWERTY Layout for Windows.

I’ve been using a Mac a bit lately and, since I type with the Dvorak layout, I like that Mac OS provides a mixed-mode. This mode reverts the layout to Qwerty only while special keys (Control, Alt, Option etc.) are held down.

Although I can touch-type Dvorak, I don’t rearrange the keys on the keyboard and I usually have one hand on the mouse when pressing key combos. In these cases it’s much easier to be able to see the keys I’m pressing, and to take advantage of combos made with Qwerty in mind (such as X, C, and V for cut, copy, and paste).

Having enjoyed this on the Mac, I then went looking for something similar in Windows. And here we are.

Edit 2015-06-06 This layout also works very well: Dvorak-QWERTY-Ctrl

Last updated June 6, 2015